gc, my new cat

So last night I finally made it home. I haven’t been here in about a month and a week plus. Instead I was enjoying the coastal weather while it roasted here. I get home and can’t find my keys to the trailer and spend about five minutes searching for them. About the time I find them, a very noisy kitten shows up and starts following me as I move. It climbs on my shoe every chance it gets. It wasn’t hard to figure out that it was hungry and after a little bit I decided to go to the store to get some milk for it. When I get back, a neighbor walks up to make sure everything is ok since a car came and left in a short while and is back. (It’s great having a neighbor that will check on things for you.) He recognized the kitten as one that my land lord had bought formula for and had been feeding before they left on vacation. I went into their house and got the formula and dropper and fed the noisy critter. It calmed down and slept the whole way through the night. I’m thinking it is probably at least 4 or 5 weeks old. I made a little video of the little girl.


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2 Responses to gc, my new cat

  1. gypsyrn says:

    See, good things come to those that wait… and I waited. 🙂 I love her.

  2. Christy says:

    When will you learn that you can’t tell cats (or girls in general) what to do? =0)

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