lost and umm… found?

So, once upon a time I was a little guy. I know, that was a long time ago. At any rate, I scared my parents a couple times by being lost to them. I don’t remember the first time because all I did was fall asleep. Evidently while moving one time, I found a nice little hole under a bed or between boxes and fell asleep. I was not found for some time and that freaked my parents out. The second time was because I was mad at them. I’m not sure what it was about, but I found a nice little spot to hide in behind the futon. I could hear everything going on. They thought I might have gone down the street to the lagoon and drowned. I did come out before they called the cops, but I scared them really bad, first.

There is a point to my delving into childhood stories. I thought that I had lost the kitten today. The door on my trailer doesn’t always latch well and while I was in the office, the door swung open. I came out and found it wide open and couldn’t find the kitten anywhere inside. I rechecked the trailer several times over the next hours. And the shop. And under the house. And under the cars. And under the woodshed. And the area I thought I saw a hawk take off from. And then one more time under the house. I saw the momma cat and some other eyes, too. I became quite hopeful. I went to a different access hole and four adorable kittens came running to the sound of my voice, but not mine. (At this point, I figured out that mine was definitely the runt. The others were a little bit bigger and more filled out.) I was happy to find other kittens, but still sad. I went back to the trailer and sat in my doorway playing with her toys. (Despite what some people thought, she is not too young to play with toys; at least, she doesn’t think so.) I was hoping that the sound of the toys would bring her out of hiding. I was on the phone with my girlfriend, barely holding it together; I hadn’t felt that awful in a very long time. Then, I thought I heard a mew, but it was so faint that I couldn’t tell if it was a cat or a bird. I stepped away from the doorway to look under the trailer, but still no kitten. I looked up and there she was in the doorway. At that point I couldn’t hold it together any longer. I can stifle tears of sadness, but tears of joy are just unstoppable. She, of coarse, had no understanding of what I was feeling. Partly because she didn’t even know that she was lost and partly because, well, she’s a kitten. I had told some people that “she must be sleeping somewhere”. Well, she disappeared again not long after and found out where she had hid. Evidently, she can scale higher than I expected and was sleeping behind some blankets on the couch. Not all that hidden, but I was looking too low.

Today, err, it was when I started writing this, I had just a taste of what my parents went through. I know its gotta be worse with a kid than a kitten; so, I hope my kids don’t do to me what I did to my parents. The kitten was bad enough.

You may have noticed that I have not written her name anywhere in this post. Well, I told some people that I was going to release the new name for the kitten this weekend. I shall do that, but I need to pull a frame out of video first. There is a story that goes along with the new name; so, you’ll have to wait till Sunday to find out, unless you’re lucky. At any rate, you’re still lucky because the story isn’t nearly as long as this one.


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  1. gypsyrn says:

    Reading this post really got me thinking of “being lost” in a spiritual sense. So often we are content to do our own thing, never realizing how desolate we are, and yet the Lord patiently stands there waiting for us to see our true need of Him.

    I’m glad she was “found.” So glad.

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