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So much has happened since I last really updated my blog. A little under two years ago, I was engaged to someone pretty amazing. That ended up breaking up and I’m still saddened by that. The healing from that break is taking a lot longer than my divorce. Life marches on, however, and I’ve gotten to do some pretty exciting stuff.

This last year my sister called me up and asked me to help out at Upper Columbia Academy. (My alma mater for high school.) She taught math up there and wanted me around to sub for her since she knew she would be out of the classroom a lot. She wanted to make sure that her sub could actually teach the students instead of just babysit, which is often the case for math classes. I ended up picking up the yearbook class and halfway through the year I became a Teacher’s Assistant for the pre-calculus classes. I made some awesome friends there and I’m going to miss a lot of the kids.

This summer I did the normal thing of helping run sound for Pacific Union College graduation and Soquel Camp Meeting for the Central California Conference. This year, camp meeting was far less stressful than in the past. The sales system I wrote for CD sales mostly just got polished instead of any major changes or major new features. It was very nice having gotten it to this point.

Well, I got home to my parents’ place Thursday night and all day Friday was spent packing, throwing stuff in storage and buying stuff I will need this year. Oh yeah, I’m going to Palau!!!

I leave tomorrow morning (Aug 1) for Hawaii where I’ll get some training on cultural stuff for Micronesia/Palau. That training will be over a couple days and then I fly out to Palau on Wednesday afternoon and a few hours later I land in Palau on Thursday night. Once I get there, I have 5 weekdays + Sunday to get everything ready before school starts. Talk about and insanely short schedule.

Gotta finish packing and shipping stuff. More to come later.


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4 Responses to update on life and new exciting stuff

  1. schvin says:

    wow, that’s awesome news! how long will you be in palau?

  2. skeemer says:

    i plan on being here two+ school years. i have to be back in the states for at least july and to see my nephew next summer.

  3. Cynthia q. says:

    WOW! Exciting news Leo! Congratulations!

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