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Well, I finally got my camera fixed (thank you wonderful fiancee!) and can now take pictures again. I am quite excited about this as I have been without a camera for more than six months. (I ran over it, reference one bad day.) I have wished that I had it on many occasions. Especially, I have been missing it since I got Yaddie. So here’s a bunch of photos when we went out today.

This is the box my camera lens came in today. Great fun for kittens. Why such a huge box Amazon?

Evidently, she wasn’t sure why her tail was straight up either.

Yaddie has determined this must be toxic waste. There’s green stuff and everyone knows there’s none of that in California this time of year, unless it’s toxic.

Just cuteness running towards me.

Yaddie spotted a litter box that violates code. It’s covered!

What in the world is a dog doing here?

This pool is “kitten approved”. (It’s dry.)

This is just a cute action shot.

Hope you enjoyed! Yaddie is quite the hyperactive kitten and has grown a lot. However, right now she is being sweet and sleeping at my feet. Once I move, that will be all over.


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