avila beach

Since I had nothing else to do today, I decided to cruise on over to Avila Beach and take some pictures. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to take pictures of, but figured I would figure out something. Once I got there, I quickly figured it out. Since my Honduras trip a year ago, I haven’t really carried my camera around in a town.

I just now realized that I haven’t posted pictures from my excursion in Copan Ruins, so I can’t refer back to then without explaining. I was bored and didn’t know where anyone was, so I went out with my camera to see what I could find. I quickly became fascinated with the signs on the various shops. Most were handmade and quite unique. It was night-time and I didn’t have a tripod, so I had to get creative with bracing my camera. I was using the corners of buildings, telephone poles, steps on the sidewalk and even at times lying in the street using the curb. I did manage to get some decent shots that I will have to post soon.

Today was not quite as crazy, thankfully. It was mid-afternoon, so plenty of light was available. For some reason, I love the variety found in small shop signs. Many are quite creative. Without any more yammering from me, just click the photo below to visit the gallery.



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  1. Grandma T says:

    Great pictures! That place has really developed since I last saw it. We need to check it out as there are some neat shops and eating places.

    I entered the dessert contest Saturday night that the Pathfinders were having for a fund raiser along with a meal,drawings, etc. I was shocked out of my chair when they called me for first place and the $250 prize! Will tell more about it in my letter but you are getting a heads up! Love, Grandma T

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