The title pretty much sums it up.

I’m currently living in the middle of some wheat fields near Spokane, WA where I am doing some some work for the high school I attended. That job includes being the yearbook adviser and some. I am also doing some freelance web consulting.

You can contact me via email skeemer@ (this website). AIM/ICQ/iChat is only1skeemer and MSN is skeemer_puc@hotmail.com. If you want my Yahoo ID, just write me.
I love it when people actually notice me, so leave comments.

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  1. Mr. Duckett says:

    Leo! Chandra and I were looking stuff up about how math is useful , and happened upon a sight that we think you can find the perfect girl at! 🙂 http://www.girlgeeks.org/

    Happy hunting! 😉

  2. eberhard weber says:

    Was browing for wordpress “geeks” and your site came up in the process, plus the fact that you are probably a neighbor – sort of, in the Sierra Foothills, that covers a lot of real estate, however. I live in Coarsegold.

    It might be useful if we were to get into contact somehow beyond the ‘comments’ here. It may be worth to explore that.

    Best for now


    BTW – you have a neat site here!!

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